Take your training from amateur to professional.

Callum Skinner knows how to get into winning form – what with two Olympic medals and a gold in a UCI Track Cycling World Cup to his name in 2016 alone.

And luckily for you we had a chance to sit down with Callum and get his best training tips for all you eager cyclists to help you raise your game.

1. Plan your training sessions into your week

Rushing, stressing and cutting training sessions short due to poor planning obviously isn't ideal. This one seems simple but it can be easily overlooked if you have a busy lifestyle. Plan at least one week in advance and take on a manageable work load.

2. Don’t be afraid of resting

Rest can be just as important as training. If you’ve planned a day off or an easy one hour coffee ride stick to it.

3. Get a massage

Equipment is not the only place you should put your money. Consider sports massage, coaching and professional bike fitting. You’ll probably get more bang for your buck than saving a few grams on your equipment.

4. Try training off the clock

Cycling is one of the most measurable sports out there and as a result it’s easy to get lost. If you are getting bogged down or disheartened by bad numbers, lock up the stopwatch or turn off the Garmin for a week.

5. Make time to play

Keep balance in your life, getting better at cycling doesn’t mean you can't have a night out. It’s important to switch off and relax with people outside of sport. That way it'll feel less like work and help keep the passion.

6. Find training partners

Even if you are a lone wolf sometimes it’s nice to train in a group. You can push each other on and share ideas – you'll only improve your fitness and skills!

7. Mix up your training

If you find yourself stagnating try coming up with some new ideas; the same training will equal the same result. Even if you are progressing it’s nice to keep training fresh and evolve what works for you so don’t become complacent.

8. Focus on your own performance

All you can control is yourself and what you do. Compare your time or performance to what you managed previously not how it compares to others.

Source: https://www.redbull.com/gb-en/pro-cycling-training-tips?linkId=39973643