Callum Skinner

Callum is primarily known for his achievements in the Rio de Janero Velodrome when at the 2016 Olympics he claimed a gold, silver medal and an Olympic Record. After retiring in 2018 Callum became Head of Athlete Safety at Science in Sport, the first of its kind within the sports nutrition industry. Callum’s role is to see how they can further improve on our already industry leading quality controls. He will also help promote the extensive steps they take in providing a safe product to their athletes. In recent years Callum has been a prominent voice on anti-doping, featuring on CNN, BBC and delivering a speech on clean sport at the White House. Callum also sits on both the Team GB and U.K. Anti-Doping Athletes Commissions.  His skills lie in his knowledge and communication, he is able to deliver a clear message on a very complicated and serious issue.