New Zealand World Cup

Hi everyone, things have really taken a turn for the better since my last blog. I’m happy to announce that I have been selected to ride the 2nd World Cup in New Zealand.

This is great news as it puts my qualification path for the World Championships back on track. This is because in order to compete at the World Championships a rider has to compete in at least two World Cups. New Zealand is World Cup two of three so having missed the first one gaining selection for New Zealand was vital. The specific events are yet to be confirmed but its likely I will be in the Team Sprint and the Individual Sprint. 

My selection represents a bit of a tun around in fortunes. Since my last blog I have been fit and healthy and I’ve been able to get some really good training in. With hindsight it was the right decision to pull out of the British Championships and the Europeans, I feel like I’m in a far better place pre New Zealand than I was before the British Championships. Its also an exciting time to be making the move back into the team. Numbers in training are starting to show I’ve made really good progress in my Team Sprint ability.