Racing in Dudenhofen

At the beginning of the month i flew to Dudenhofen, Germany with the GB team for some final qualification points. Following my London Keirin victory two weekends previous i knew i had some of the form i had been missing at the Commonwealth Games. 

Dudenhofen is now a familiar track, this was my second time there this year. It is quite a unique track as it is an outdoor concrete 250m. Concrete is not my best surface but luckily things seemed to together this time. I qualified 4th in a what was a very well attended event. From the start of the competition at 12am i grafted all the way to the final at 10pm where i met Jeffrey Hoogland from the Netherlands. As it was a final it was the best of three. In the first match i won by a healthy margin. However in the 2nd heat it came to a down to a photo finish. It was very close but i managed to come away with my first win ever in Germany!